joi, 23 mai 2013

Pyramids are technological healing machines

 Pyramids are technological healing machines which harness natural energy as seen here using Kirlian photography. This energy allows them to do what we would call "miracles".

For instance, Karel Drbal was awarded Czechoslovakian patent number 91304 for his "Cheops Pyramid Razor Blade Sharpener" in 1959 when he discovered that his razor blades would sharpen themselves when put into a pyramid shaped container. This was proved in 2001 by Dr. Krasnoholovets when scanning-electron microscope photography confirmed that the molecular structure of the razor-blade was actually changing.

Many pyramids were build in Russia and the Ukraine by former workers of the military industrial complex of the Soviet Union after the fall of the Iron Curtain, were countless studies were done. Today there are more than 50 built worldwide out of PVC plastic and fiberglass. Below is a list of findings that were discovered through pyramid experiments. These experiments were scientifically controlled, and conducted by professors from the Russian Academy of Medical Science, the Russian R&D Institute of Pediatrics, the Gubkin Moscow Academy of Oil and Gas, and the All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute just to name a few. These incredible studies have found:

- storing a medical drug in the pyramid (venoglobin) caused the drug to becomes 3 times more effective

- when mice were given the same dose of the same carcinogen, 60% of the mice who were put into the pyramid survived whereas only 7% of the mice in the control group survived. Poisons and viruses became less harmful and toxic

- when built over an oil caused 30% increase in oil production with cleaner oil

- seeds kept in the pyramid for a period of time before being planted experienced a 20-100% increase in crop productivity

- animals experience a higher blood cell count, and food tasted better and was preserved longer in a pyramid

- water purifies itself when put inside of a pyramid

- ozone holes above the pyramid healed themselves, new streams developed, and supposed extinct flowers began growing around the area of the pyramid

- the molecular structure of rocks changed when put into the center of the pyramid and became white at the top. This was repeated 40 different times with 40 different rocks.

- prison cells that were build out of granite rocks that were left inside a pyramid resulted in improved behaviour and reduced criminal activity

Life apparently has an energy that supports its own existence, and this energy appears to be harnessed by the pyramid. Perhaps it acts like a funnel for universal energy to flow through. Is this why ancient may was obsessed with building pyramids and carving them into mountains wherever they could? Where did they get this information? And why aren't we using this technology today to help the planet?

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